Sheldon Lee Cooper is also known as Jim Parsons. He plays on the show The Big Bang, but also narrates Young Sheldon which is the sequel of the Big Bang where we find out about Shledon as a kid. That Sheldon is played by Iain Armitage.

Why a Sequel you may ask...

There was no sequel made about the others so why Sheldon? Well Sheldon was known to be a big mystery. His childhood was talked about on the show but never in full detail. The creators knew if they made a show of a baby Sheldon millions would watch, it would be a hit.

Young sheldon explains many situation in this boys life. For instance there was a moment when Sheldon, his twin sister and mum moved to his grandmothers over a computer. There are so many other sistuations like this and its so much fun watching,laughing and learning about his family in the mix. (You also see funny episodes about his germ phobia.)

If you are not familiar with how he looks than here he is!

Name Country born in age
Jim Parsons Houston, Texas 47
Iain Armitage Georgia, United States 12